I was ten years old when my father bought us a computer. It was an Intel Pentium 100 MHz with a Turbo button in the front. I had no idea what was the purpose of that, but it was cool to hear the fans making louder noises after pressing it. My dad used to say that it made the computer runs faster.

Only in college, I got my first contact with my first programming language: Pascal. Later, I started to learn C++, and thanks to one of my best professors (Vladimir di Iorio), I realized how simple and elegant programming can be. He had a great influence on my career and I’m grateful that I once was his student.

There are many other professors that I am honored to have met.

  • Andre Gustavo
  • Antonio Loureiro
  • Geraldo Robson
  • Sebastián Urrutia
  • José Arroyo
  • Mauro Nacif
  • Anand Subramanian
  • Alcione Paiva
  • Marcus Vinicius
  • Osvaldo Carvalho

I hope I can write an interesting story about each one of their classes in my blog.

This is my first blog post, and to be honest I feel quite mediocre about this kind of writing style, but if I plan to get good at this I need to start with a first attempt.

If you want to be happy, be. – Leo Tolstoy