publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. TCS
    Recoloring subgraphs of K2n for sports scheduling
    Werra, Dominique, Urrutia, Sebastián, and Januario, Tiago
    Theoretical Computer Science May 2021


  1. CLEI
    Heuristics for the Mirrored Tournament Traveling Tournament Problem Based on the Home-Away Swap Neighborhood
    Guilera, Bruno, Teixeira, Italo, and Januario, Tiago
    In 2018 XLIV Latin American Computer Conference (CLEI) 2018


  1. EJOR
    Edge coloring: A natural model for sports scheduling
    Januario, Tiago, Urrutia, Sebastián, Ribeiro, Celso C., and de Werra, Dominique
    European Journal of Operational Research 2016
  2. C&OR
    A new neighborhood structure for round robin scheduling problems
    Januario, Tiago, and Urrutia, Sebastián
    Computers & Operations Research 2016


    An analytical study in connectivity of neighborhoods for single round robin tournaments
    Januario, T, and Urrutia, S
    Operations Research and Computing: Algorithms and Software for Analytics 2015